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G2...HOW TO...

Telecommunications Satellite Gaia Two v. Space Junk...

By now you have heard about Space Junk.

Man-made launch debris presents a threat to Telecommunications.

Telecom makes our world go around.

Space Junk must go!

The problem started with Sputnik.

Satellite launches have not changed since day one.

Sit the payload atop a rocket powered cylinder and let ‘er rip.

Everything but the satellite is waste.

We are trashing Near Space with every satellite launch.

The satellite itself will eventually be of no further use, cluttering Near Space until it de-orbits and ( hopefully ) burns up on the fall to Earth.

Self-Launching, Recyclable, Zero Debris Telecomsat Gaia Two will change our approach to Near Space.

G2 co-operates with natural forces, soaring into orbit.

The launch vehicle is the satellite.

Nothing Wasted...Nothing Left Behind...Zero Debris. serious is Space Junk?

from General William Shelton...US Air Force Space Command...

When asked if the U.S. Air Force plans on funding space debris mitigation capability, Shelton responded: "We haven’t found a way yet that is affordable and gives us any hope for mitigating space debris. The best we can do, we believe, is to minimize debris as we go forward with our operations. As we think about how we launch things, as we deploy satellites, minimizing debris is absolutely essential and we’re trying to convince other nations of that imperative as well."
Shelton said that, unfortunately, with the duration of most things on orbit, "you get to live with the debris problem for many, many years and in some cases decades. So minimizing debris is important to us and it should be to other nations as well." ridiculous can space junk get?

 “We’re also going to be able to put more satellites in space in one month — three and a half thousand satellites in one month — than have been put up in the last 10 years,” Branson claimed. 

Sir Richard continues to tout his Space Tourism plans...he's a 'shill' after is what he does.

The real plan is to launch thousands of Low Earth Satellites to be used in the Telecom business...Sir Richard is seriously into the Telecom business. 

We need a Revolutionary Development in the Commercialization of Near Space…

G2 is a self launching, recyclable, zero debris vehicle.

G2 will Soar into Space, propelled by compressed air.

The launch vehicle is the satellite.

G2 will be lifted to 150,000’ by balloon and dropped, exactly like you saw with Felix Baumgartner’s Jump.

G2 will drop nose down and accelerate to @ 800mph as the vehicle reaches the denser atmosphere of 120-100,000’.

Here the onboard ballast will begin moving aft as G2 slices through the atmosphere and begins to gain forward motion over Earth’s surface.

The extremely low resistance profile allows smoothly flowing air to pass over and under the vehicle which will continue to accelerate through its own undisturbed slipstream.

At 80,000’, G2 will be momentarily horizontal to Earth’s surface as the ballast moves to the aftmost point and the bow begins to rise.

This happens smoothly and rapidly as the downward momentum is transferred to horizontal, then tangential thrust.

When the proper tangent is achieved, the highly pressurized air will provide a sustained boost to over 1000 mph.

If you picture a classic 3/4/5 triangle with 3, or 300 miles elevation being the height to orbit, and 4 being the surface of Earth, or 400 miles downrange, you will see that G2 must travel 500 miles on the tangent to achieve the 300 mile elevation.

This will take about half an hour at 1000 mph.

As for flight characteristics above the aerodynamic range, G2 is stabilized by the moveable ballast and onboard gyroscopic balance.

She will drop straight and true and soar smoothly off on the intended path.

It’s important to note that G2 will be free of atmospheric drag after only 200 miles of the trip.

The tangential path will find the vehicle in Near Space, free of drag, and rapidly escaping gravitation for most of the time.

Upon approaching the 300 mile elevation, an Earth based laser will superheat the remaining compressed air, providing the final boost to orbit insertion.

RE…compressed air and the instantaneous loss of specific impulse…I have a solution.

RE…compressed air volume and pressurization achievable…this is a brand new field, but I believe that 20 cf at 50,000 psi is achievable…stored in an Aramid Composite Cylinder running along G2’s center line.

RE…compressed air volume released and sustainable thrust…again brand new, but water jet cutting tools operate at psi numbers in the 100,000 plus range so plumbing and valves are doable.

Now that G2 is in orbit, the vehicle will be oriented with the under surface facing Earth and the upper surface outward.

All onboard components are safely within the hull.

When time comes for G2 to be removed from service, the vehicle will retrofire out of orbit and drop to the range of 50 miles above earth’s surface, where G2 will complete several drop and swoop maneuvers.

This will take advantage of atmospheric skip-off to rise, cool, and slow before re-entering and landing on the Ocean for recycling.

All maneuvers are handled by ground control.


This is clearly a greatly simplified explanation.

With a slight leap of faith and a ‘Can Do’ attitude you will see that it is imminently doable.

Simply put, G2 represents an inexpensive alternative method of entering and returning from Space.

Launch costs will be reduced by a factor of ten or more!

How exciting is that?

Picture the enormous boost of forward momentum and expansiveness flooding Humanity's Spirit as the billions of dollars saved on satellite launches are directed toward Sustainability issues.


G2 does not disrupt the existing rocketeering infrastructure.

This vehicle is strictly Near Space.

Rockets are still necessary for all GPS and other high elevation orbits.

Soar into Space, propelled by compressed air…that’s the plan…


What is Space Symbiosis?

Picture a Giant Grouper sitting idly on the seabed while numerous little fish swim around inside its open mouth.

The Grouper could simply close its mouth and the little fish would become an instant appetizer.

But, even with its simple brain and no formal training, the deep sea predator somehow realizes that letting the little fish do their job of cleaning scraps of food, while removing potentially harmful bacteria is good for all involved.

That is Symbiosis.

It does not stem from Superior Intellect.

It is instinctual in most living things.

Stress MOST.

Then there's us.

We act like we've transcended symbiosis.

We've outsmarted ourselves.

It seems we are the exception to the rule when it comes to accepting symbiotic associations.

Our attitude seems to be, "Take until it's gone, move on to the next verdant paradise, repeat as needed."

Take a look at the picture above.

Earth is the only verdant paradise we have, and moving on is not an option.

Here's where Space Symbiosis comes in.

We have an opportunity to develop our Symbiotic Nature within the bright blue band you see surrounding Earth in the image.

What we do in Near Space over the upcoming decade will teach us the value of Space Symbiosis...for better or worse.

We are totally dependent upon this Planet and its immediate surroundings.

It's time to accept the situation, acknowledge our role, and start balancing the scale.

G2 enters and returns from Space by co-operating with Natural forces.

This will start the Space Symbiosis going.

After that, it's up to us to do as we see fit...hopefully with new found awareness intact.


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  1. Sir, This is Beautiful.. I'd love to hear more about it. Most interesting is what you think it will cost to reach an operational prototype or what your forward progress is looking like to date? I specialize in the field of LTA and I've got similary concepts as this one.. Needless to say, great minds think alike.. And to end this short note. I must say your analogy of Space Symbiosis and the entire vision could not of been put in better words, you must be full of wisdom. I like to say we live on Earth in Space, because if I displace the atmosphere in front of your face, you will be in space, so our Magnet Field/Atmosphere is our Helment and we just walk around in it.. So if we can not keep clean what exsist in our helment.. We will then eventually blind ourselfs.